Launchpad, DAO, Incubator, On-Chain Mapping

IDO Pass DAO is the first Cardano DAO to focus on IDO's, launchpads, and Blue chip CNFT fractionalization.


IDO PASS DAO NFT’s is the very first utility-nft on the cardano blockchain that gives you guaranteed allocation for upcoming IDOs There will only be 5,555 IDO PASS DAO NFTs available for the community to re-shape the launchpad approach and use our IPD on chain mapping. This is the first transferable guaranteed allocation introduce to the cardano blockchain We will release NFTs in two different batches as we build out our tooling and mechanisms. Batch one will be our Founder’s passes 1,000 This will be our Genesis collection in early supporters. Batch two will be our member’s passes 4,555 This will be spit into 4 different rarities. Each batch will come with different maximum allocation rates to value the NFT as well as the fair platform claim. IDO PASS DAO NFT holders will have the privilege to buy any Token & NFT before everyone else that is launched on the platform

Launch a Project on IDO PASS DAO

We are offering

  • Growing Community
  • Seamless IDO Process
  • Advisory Services
  • Marketing and Listing Support

We are interested in

  • Fully-dedicated team
  • Actively communicating on socials
  • Unique Projects
  • Projects that have use-cases

$IDP Tokenomics

Overview - $IDP token is the utility token that powers the IPD Launchpad. Projects launching on the Launchpad must hold the $IDP token as a requirement. In addition, the $IDP token allows users to receive discounts when paying fees.


  1. • 60% (600M $IDP)
  2. • 50M $IDP is airdropped to NFT holders over 24 months.
  3. • 550M $IDP is rewarded to participants of the NFT staking program over 24 months.

  1. • 13% (130M $IDP)
  2. • The Team’s allocation is locked up for 6 months and released evenly over 6 months after the vesting period.

  1. • 9% (90M $IDP)
  2. • The Reserve allows IPD flexibility to tackle unforeseen circumstances.

Development Fund
  1. • 8% (80M $IDP)
  2. • The Dev Fund supports ventures that will benefit IPD. IDO Pass NFT holders vote on which ventures to fund.
  3. • The Team does not have access to the Dev Fund.

  1. • 7% (70M $IDP)
  2. • This allocation is given to investors who fund the development of the IPD Launchpad-DEX.

  1. • 2% (20M $IDP)
  2. • This allocation is the initial liquidity on the IPD Launchpad-DEX.

  1. • 1% (10M $IDP)
  2. • This allocation is sold to investors on a launchpad to fund the development of IPD.

IDO Investment Process

  • The Team examines the launchpad on which the IDO takes place to ensure that the launchpad has sufficient liquidity and that a rigorous vetting process is in place. Then, the Team checks that the new project is audited and that SEC guide-lines for distributing tokens are followed.
  • Founders Pass and Members Pass NFT holders vote on when to sell IDO investments.
  • Allocation of profits: 80% to Treasury, 20% to Team.
  • If the IDO investment is not profitable, the Team will not receive any payment.


The IPD Launchpad is a fundraising platform that offers new blockchain projects access to a pool of investors. It provides the IPD and Cardano community of investors access to token sales at bargain prices before they become publicly available.

IPD NFT holders have guaranteed allocations in each token sale. Purchase limits per investor to promote equitable distribution. Up-to-date news on the participating projects. 24/7 community support

Phase 1

  • Project ideation
  • Set up Twitter, Discord, & Linktree
  • Begin sale of Founders Pass NFT
  • Set up Discord NFT verification bot
  • Implement a voting system
  • Implement an investment proposal system
  • Implement a weighted vote system
  • Delegate Ada to a Cardano stake pool
  • Marketing - interview on YouTube
  • Delegate Ada to the OCC stake pool
  • Implement a Team investment proposal system
  • Set up Discord Market Analyzation Tool channels
  • Marketing - interviews on YouTube
  • Begin liquidity mining on SundaeSwap
  • Begin liquidity mining on Minswap
  • Test wallet snapshot system
  • Test token airdrop system
  • Research Cardano native token launchpads
  • Set up IPD Committee
  • Purchase and stake Launchpad token
  • Invest in an ISPO
  • Form a new IPD Committee
  • Increase the number of Discord community moderators
  • Invest in an IDO
  • Invest in a second IDO
  • Release Market Analyzation Tool
  • Marketing - interviews on YouTube
  • 100% Founders Pass NFT sold

Phase 2

  • Dissolve all prior investments
  • First Developer Surprise Airdrop
  • Begin sale of Members Pass NFT
  • Second Developer Surprise Airdrop
  • Develop IPD Launchpad smart contracts
  • Audit IPD Launchpad smart contracts
  • Opensource IPD Launchpad smart contracts
  • Release IPD Launchpad private testnet
  • Test IPD platform with NFT holders
  • Develop NFT fractionalization smart contracts
  • TBA

IDO PASS DAO is dedicated to executing the detailed roadmap above. Whilst ticking each milestone, we will/might come up with new ones along with the community’s feedback and suggestions.


The most important NFTs
Founders Pass [SOLD OUT]
Members Pass [SOLD OUT]

What Is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT)?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are cryptographic assets on a blockchain with unique identification codes and metadata that distinguish them from each other.

Unlike cryptocurrencies, they cannot be traded or exchanged at equivalency. This differs from fungible tokens like cryptocurrencies, which are identical to each other and, therefore, can serve as a medium for commercial transactions.

Rarity: Rare

Rarity: Common



Rarity: Uncommon

Rarity: None

Founder's Pass - SOLD OUT

$IDP Maximum Supply: 1,000,000,000
Token Allocation Token Allocation
Initial Funding
  • Founders Pass NFT Sale Quantity: 1,000
    Price: 75 ADA
    Allocation: 70% to Treasury, 30% to Team.
  • Members Pass NFT Sale
    Quantity: 4,555
    Price: 95 Ada
    Minting Cost: 725 ADA
    Allocation: 70% to Treasury, 30% to Team.
  • Secondary Market Sales
    Royalty: 10%.
    Allocation: 75% to Treasury, 25% to Team.

DAOs can perform NFT fractionalization by purchasing high-value NFTs using funds from their treasury, i.e., the members’ pooled capital. DAOs are organizations that enable members to vote on operational and investing activities through ownership of DAO governance tokens. A member’s share of ownership of the DAO-purchased NFTs is proportional to the number of governance tokens they hold.


IDO Pass DAO (IPD) is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) on the Cardano blockchain that invests in initial DEX offerings (IDOs) and initial stake pool offerings (ISPOs). IPD aims to grow its treasury and provide its community with the following resources:

  • Market Analyzation Tool
  • NFT fractionalization
  • Launchpad

IPD aims to make IDOs accessible to its community, be a liquidity provider to new projects, and build tools with accessible UI/UX. The DAO utilizes a dual-token system – IPD NFT and Initial DEX Participation ($IDP) token. The IPD NFT is the governance token, while the $IDP token is the utility token that powers the IDO Pass DAO Launchpad-DEX.

Cardano wallet addresses have separate keys for spending and staking. As a result, one can stake their ADA without their ADA ‘leaving’ their wallet. The stake pool in which you stake your ADA does not have control over your ADA. Hence, staking on Cardano is ‘non-custodial.’ In addition, there are no lock-up periods when staking. You can unstake your ADA at any time. Hence, staking on Cardano is ‘liquid.’ Most importantly, staking on Cardano does not involve slashing.

An initial stake pool offering (ISPO) is a crowdfunding event conducted through a stake pool. Project developers operate stake pools where investors can stake their ADA. The developers take all or a percentage of the ADA rewards earned by the stake pool to fund their project, while the investors receive the project's token. In some cases, investors may receive the project's token in addition to their ADA staking rewards. ISPOs are less risky than IDOs for investors because the investor only gives up their ADA rewards to receive the project tokens. Furthermore, the staked ADA remains in the stakers' wallet and is free to be unstaked at any time.

The Developer Surprise Airdrop is an event in which Cardano Native Assets (CNAs) are airdropped to Founders Pass NFT and rare (red) Members Pass NFT holders. Occasionally, all Pass NFT holders are included. These CNAs derive from profits made by the Team’s private investments.

Cardano operates in two separate layers – the Cardano Settlement Layer (CSL) and the Cardano Computation Layer (CCL). The CSL is Cardano's ledger of account where transactions of ADA and other Cardano native tokens are settled and the proof-of-stake (POS) protocol, Ouroboros, is executed. The CCL is where smart contracts are deployed and executed. The separation of value from computation allows smart contracts to be modified to fit end users' requirements without affecting the POS protocol's fundamental design. In other words, network upgrades can deploy on the CCL without disrupting the CSL and hard forking the network. One should not overlook this unique Cardano security feature.

The methods and the products are detailed in the questions below will clarify further how the platform will be managed.

Projects are vetted and are allowed to launch an IDO only if they adhere to the DEX's standards. In addition, the transfer of funds is fulfilled by smart contracts. These reasons make IDOs safer and more decentralized than traditional ICOs. Furthermore, projects can raise funds without paying high upfront fees, while investors benefit from instant liquidity and trading.

Whilst having Ticket NFT would be the best option to participate in the IDOs, second best is to have $TICKETs.

It is a draft, but the flow is certain;

Whitelist will ask you to lock your NFT or your $TICKETs during IDOs, plus few social engagements

A portion of available tokens will be dedicated to Ticket NFT holders — they will be the first to have the buy option

The rest goes to $TICKET holders — we will calculate the total pool and then allocate the tokens based on your locked ticket amount — fair distribution as we promised!

TradingView and Pine Script™ power the Market Analyzation Tool. It consists of tutorials, strategies, and custom interactive charts with financial indicators. This tool aims to help the DAO and individual members perform research and trades more efficiently